What we do

It was after driving between two towns in Southwest Queensland and seeing corrugated iron signs displayed in front of farm gates seeking contract harvesters that the idea of FarmCentral was born.

FarmCentral founder Kelvin Bella was intrigued that farmers were having so much trouble gaining the services of contract harvesters, especially when there was contractors driving straight past these farms to get to another job.

So the vision was to establish a "central point" where both farmers and contractors could link up easily.

After several discussions with farmers and contractors it became obvious that the "central point" should allow for all types of rural contractors.

So a team with working knowledge of what farmers and contractors need was put together.

FarmCentral’s core business is linking farmers and contractors in the Cotton, Grains, Transport and Earthmoving industries through an automated system that sends email and sms text message alerts to members when a match has been found that suits their requirements.

But to ensure that we cater for other important aspects of farming and contracting we also have included:

Links to commodity prices, weather, farm online news and all of the above are all available at one "central point"

The team at FarmCentral are committed to rural Australia and will continue to implement new items and sections, if you have an idea for something you would like to see on FarmCentral email us at info@farmcentral.com.au and we will give it our upmost attention.

To ensure the confidential transmission of your personal information between your computer and FarmCentral website, all information is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption technology